Submit a self-tape of you singing a pop-style karaoke song of your choosing. You can email your submission to me at


Studio 127 is a dramatic web-series that follows the lives and sometimes surprising relationships of a group of teens who attend the famous Studio 127 Performing Arts Studio.  Studio 127 is open to Current CKT Students only.

Audition materials: Submit a self-tape of either a 1 minute monologue or screentest of your choice. All submissions are expected to be off-book.


Slate with YOUR NAME & AGE.  Please frame yourself in an MCU or CU.


Be sure to have good lighting on your face, and speak clearly with enough volume to be heard easily.


CKT CLUB is a web-based series designed for 1st - rising 6th graders: This is open to current CKT students only. CK Clubhouse will be posted online.

Audition materials: Submit a memorized, self-recorded video any one of the monologues provided below.  Actors are to begin the video submission with a Slate that tells me YOUR NAME & AGE. 

Be sure to have good lighting on your face, and speak clearly with enough volume to be heard easily.


Stop, give it back! Give it back to me Brian! I know you took it. I know you stole my pen. I want my pen back, so give it back. That’s my pen. You took it off my desk when I wasn’t looking, you thief.


No, you’re a liar, that’s not your pen, that’s my pen. Look, look on the bottom, it has my initials. My Grandma gave me that pen. Give it back or I’m telling Mrs. Reynolds and you will be in trouble.



So what if I’m not one of the cool kids at school? So what? ... Because I don’t have nice swag or whatever, I’m not considered good enough? I have friends and I like my friends but I don’t go around talking trash to them about YOU the same way you do behind my back. I’m your sister and you should always put that first. Just because I’m not popular like you doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of me in any way. That’s retarded and one day you’ll realize how stupid you’ve been. One day all of this school nonsense won’t even matter!

"STAYING POWER" by D.M. Lawson


Now those stars up there in the sky have staying power. I can always count on them. I can always look up and know they'll be there for me. The stars on Earth burn out too quickly. They have a moment where they shine so bright but then poof. They're gone. A memory. Sometimes not even that.

But with the stars in the sky, I know they'll be there night after night, always there for me to make a wish. What do I wish for?
(thinks a moment)
Hope. I wish for hope. Hope for the world. Hope for peace. Hope for a future where no one is more important than anyone else and money is a thing of the past. A future where everyone is taken care of no matter how little they have.

I just want to be taken care of... cared for... that's what I hope for. That's my wish.