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not on the hole
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Stephen Nachamie

Broadway Assoc. Director Award Winning Stage and Film Director and Performer

Member SSDC

First rate training from teachers who are in show business on Broadway and TV/Film. The wealth of experience, knowledge, history and craft given to the students is a gift.

Lauren Sperling - on being accepted into the London School of Dramatic Art (LSDA)

And thank YOU for encouraging me on this path all those years ago!

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Caroline Congro


... I am crying because I could never believe that I could be this close to something so amazing. It also brought me to tears because I can't believe I pushed past my vulnerability insecurities and did this. Thank you for your never ending support. It means the world to me.

Bradley Langan - AMDA Los Angeles


Tonight I have left boot camp and am heading out to the battlefield on Sunday to make me dreams a reality. Thank you to Robert, Lesia, Liam, Samantha, and everyone else who has pushed and supported me through these past 3 years.

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"Robert and Lesia,

New York has been everything I wanted...and more! We hd placement auditions the entire first weekend, and I placed in the highest dace levels in every style. I, HONESTLY, cannot express enough how thankful I am for the two of you and all of the effort you put into me. Everyone is realizing that tghis is not my forst tme experiencing professional training, and I have only had 2 days of classes!

Even whn it comes to attitude and professionalism, I have been standing out. What you taught me wasn't just how to do steps and act through a dance, but you taught me how to handle thius business. 

I can only hope that everyone back home in that studio realizes that they are INCREDIBLY Fortunate having you guys available to them. I'm not scared of the ncity! I am hitting it back when it throws punches, and you two instilled that in me...."

Love, Josh Drake

(Shortly after his arrival at AMDA NY)

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Sharon Catherine Brown:

Head Over Heels - Broadway

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So so so proud of Robby, and all "our" CKT kids! We love watching each of them crush their goals, and pursue their dreams! Just makes my heart smile! 😊

Faith Ferarra Bish

" Dear Lesia and Robert,

Here is a little something just to say *thank you*. I would not be where I am today if you had not set my feet in the right direction.

My heart holds a special place for you and all you've done."

- Josh Drake, Disney's Aladdin on Broadway

Fellow Facebook friends/ family/ strangers if you have a child who would loves to act/sing/dance, etc - this is definately *the* place to send them. Lesia Kaye and Robert Clater and their staff are remarkable, and will help in every way they can to be sure that your child learns along with many other students, and if meant to be, proceed to a well deserved future with hard work and dedication. <3Josh Drake would not be where he is today without Clater Kaye Theatre Works giving him the support/ training and courage to be and to see that what he wanted was really possible. It's that time of year to register for summercamps, get your feet wet and see if this is what your childs future holds. One quick call can change yours and your childs lives :) you won't be dissapointed.  

- Ruth Shaner Mergen

You're the best !! So happy to hear from you and that your doing so wonderfully well .i' m off to China to create a new dance musical for Shanghi and then to tour .soooo exciting !! Keep up all the fabulous projects your doing ..your sooooo talented !!!! All my best ..Maurice Hines

I was emailing to tell y'all some exciting news! I am going to be playing the role of Rapunzel in UNC's Pauper Player's production of Into the Woods!!! Molly (Cummings) was also cast and will be playing the role of the Witch! It will be a slight change from gold slippers and an evil stepmother but we are beyond excited! I just wanted to say thank y'all both so much for giving me the tools I needed to go in and audition with confidence. I would not be able to continue my love for theatre in college if it wasn't for the studio and the guidance you gave me, so thank YOU! 


Once again, I hope all is well in Hickory and I look forward to seeing more on Facebook about how much the studio is thriving!:) Sending lots of love from Chapel Hill! - Leah Brooks

Well. Tonight was technically my last class at Clater Kaye Theatreworks before I go on tour with Lightwire Theater. What an amazing 9 years! I definitely would not be the performer, or the man I am today, without Robert ClaterLesia Kaye. I owe so much to you guys. You have, without a doubt, given me information that I can use forever, even outside the performing world. I consider you my parents, because you helped raised me. I give a million thanks to you. There is absolutely no way to pay you back. The only thing I can do now is make you guys proud. I will always strive to be the best I can be, as you taught me. Words can't explain how grateful I am. I love you guys so much! - Devin Hatch

I'm so honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people with such wonderful teachers! I just want to thank Lesia Kaye Robert Clater Liam Bailey and Todd Greene for teaching me everything I know! Not only have you all made me into a wonderful performer, but a wonderful person. You have helped coach me not only through the art of dancing, singing, and acting but you've helped coach me through life. Even when I mess up you all always forgive me and you try to help me be 110% better. 

- Lexie Faith -

Thank you both so much!!!!!! It is because of you tow thatLexie has the skill and confidence to do what she has done!


“I just wanted to thank you so much for casting me in your wonderful show. “Ragtime” was an amazing experience and I will always hold it near and dear. It was such a pleasure to work with you both. You are truly wonderful people and not to mention the creativity and inventiveness you both possess. Thanks again for everything.”
- Cindy Benson, Original Madame Thenardier in Les Miserables

The 2017 showcase is complete, and I'm honored to say that it was an absolute success! And along with the end of showcase, comes the end of Clater Kaye classes as well. I am truly blessed to have been a part of such a supportive and talented group of people at Clater Kaye for so many years, and I am thrilled to know that I can continue to be a part of this family. My teachers Robert ClaterLesia KayeLiam Bailey, and Todd Greene have taught me so much. Not only have I learned the art of dancing, singing, and acting, but I've also learned the passion that evokes it all. I feel that I have grown as both a performer and a person under the wonderful guidance of these lovely teachers and many others. Thank you for all that you have done, and I look forward to what the future holds in store.

- Annie Grace - 

"This has been, by far, my most treasured, fascinating, and extraordinary experience in theatre ever and I have both of you to thank for everything. Your professionalism, dedication, and commitment to your craft is uncanny, and left alone, deserves a gold medal!”
- Stan Chandler, Original cast member of Forever Plaid

"Clater-Kaye, which is a spectacular place, has many awesome things to pursue. You can groove and boogie there! You could become a phenomenal movie star or Broadway star because of Clater-Kaye. ... If Clater-Kaye didn't exist the world wouldn't be the same. Clater-Kaye is very awesome."

- Elijah

"I am overjoyed to announce that I have been accepted at California State University Northridge as a graduate student in their Communication studies department. I have also been offered a public speaking teaching position and fee waiver. I am honored that I have the opportunity to continue my work inperformance ethnography, acting, activism and how it connectsmwith communication theory. I'm speechless and ecstatic."

-Mikaela Fleming

Robert & Lesia

Thank you for another great year. The girls had an incredible year and I hope you don't mind if we thank you once again for believing in them, teaching them, encouraging them to work hard and helping them to believe in themselves.

-Misa and Alex 

“I don’t know if any of us ever thanked you for your direction during “A Chorus Line”, but I would like to. It certainly impacted my life in many ways. At the very least it enabled me to succeed in college.”
- Henry

I can honestly say that you believing in me really changed me for the better. You gave me that little push that I needed and now I can do anything I set my mind to! You always had the best advice and you were one of the only people who actually believed in me when no one did, including me. I will never forget that.”
- Randi

Thank you so much! A day does not go by that CKT does not pop up in lessons learned, experiences shared or friends fondly remembered. Many continued blessings to all of you! - Kecia